Knife Sharpening Service

Knife Sharpening Service

Our in store professional knife sharpening service allows you to drop your knives off, ready for next day pickup.

Please contact us first if you wish same day service,  to organize a day, so you can shop while I sharpen your knives.

All your kitchen knives and scissors can be restored, even if the blade needs re-shouldering to remove chips and damages, to a razor sharp edge.

Our Global loan knives also allow you to try one of the sharpest Japanese knives available, if you require a spare knife for the night.

Our service includes

  • All Household Knives
  • Commercial knives
  • Pocket Knives
  • Scissors
  • Secateurs

Standard knife sharpening fee is $9.00 per knife.

Damaged knives are priced on inspection.

Household Scissors $12.

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